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Visual System

Seeing is believing
Lockheed Martin Commercial Flight Training quality Flight Simulator Visual System greatly contributes to the overall realism pilots experience during simulator training. To achieve this high level of fidelity, Lockheed Martin Commercial Flight Training integrates the superior image generators of World Leading Visual Manufacturers with the latest in high quality display technology. Whether it is storm cells, aviation obstacles on approach, the airport taximat or runways, the visual 3D detailing is of such fine quality and realism that Lockheed Martin Commercial Flight Training Visual System immerses pilots into training scenarios that are near indistinguishable from the real world.

Richly detailed, the airport library comes with the world’s main airports including 3D insets and blended coverage between airports. The airport scenes and environments are thoroughly realistic and can be easily updated. Modeling tools allow for quick and easy creation of new airports and the re-positioning of existing ones.

Image Generator
Lockheed Martin Commercial Flight Training Image Generators provide a revolutionary approach to visual simulation. The highly detailed next generation weather effects, Whole-Earth 3D training environment and advanced real-time lighting effects, such as low-visibility runway lighting, combined with the most comprehensive database of high-detail airport models offer unmatched realism. Legacy databases are easily imported and Lockheed Martin Commercial Flight Training offers rapid creation or updating of airport models.

Lockheed Martin Commercial Flight Training Image Generators present breakthrough features such as Whole-Earth 3D training environment draped with Continuous Texture, high fidelity digital terrain in flight-critical areas, next-generation weather effects such as layered, true-3D clouds, fog, storm cells, blowing and falling snow, calibrated visibility and fog, low-visibility runway lighting effects, a feature library for creating emergency scenarios, feedback of the environment and collision detection.

Display System
Lockheed Martin Commercial Flight Training equips the flight deck with a superb LCoS cross-cockpit out-the-window Display System, providing wide-angle imagery of stunning clarity at optical infinity. LCoS, “Liquid Crystal on Silicon”, produces much higher resolution images than conventional CRT or LCD projectors. The extreme fine-grained pixels and the excellent color quality create an ultra-realistic 3D sense of depth. Lockheed Martin Commercial Flight Training LCoS Display System requires little maintenance because unlike bulky CRTs colors it does not shift and does not require continues adjustment.

The Lockheed Martin Commercial Flight Training LCoS cross-cockpit out-the-window Display Systems cover a panoramic view of 200 x 40 degrees at a 10 foot radius at optical infinity providing excellent cross-cockpit views. LCoS technology excels in color quality, good blacks and shadow detail, fine definition, high brightness and adjustable contrast and requires no maintenance.

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