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Product Portfolio

Authentic, reliable flight simulation solutions
Lockheed Martin Commercial Flight Training provides the highest fidelity across a complete range of flight simulator products in order to support the different stages of a flight training program. Every device in the product portfolio, from the Flat Panel Trainer (FPT) to the Fixed Base Simulator (FBS) and the Full Flight Simulator (FFS), includes the same simulation software from the master product software tree, thus ensuring the highest possible quality of training.

System fidelity, functionality and options are common across the entire product portfolio. This gives instructors easy-to-use devices with identical instructor station layouts and system behavior.

Fidelity and reliability of the hardware are also unsurpassed, from the optional hardware components on the FPT to the full aircraft manufacturer-provided hardware kits used in the FFS.

The visual system solution, including databases, is identical across the product range and increases in fidelity, from a flat screen on the FPT, to a full spherical 180 by 40 screen with direct projection on the FBS, to a full collimated visual of either 200 by 40 or 200 by 45 degrees on the FFS. All weather selections, including instructor interfaces, are identical across the product portfolio as a result of the common software platform.

The I/O system layouts on the FBS and FFS are similar, creating identical reliability levels and easy maintenance on both devices. on the FPT a touchscreen with a detailed and realistic graphical aircraft panel interface replaces the hardware I/o.

The FBS has the same full control loading solution on all primary channels as the FFS and limited control loading on the secondary channels.

All devices can be delivered certified to EASA, FAA or other requested qualification standards, and all products are delivered with a fully automated eQTG software tool.

Unsurpassed quality across the whole product range
Lockheed Martin Commercial Flight Training training equipment delivers authentic cockpit environments with realistic flight and system behavior in the whole flight envelope. Common product design principles from FPT to FFS ensure simulator reliability and guarantee 24/7 uptime. Whether you’re flying the FPT or the FFS, you can always expect the real thing!

The right device for the right phase of training
Each type rating starts with a procedural trainer. The Lockheed Martin Commercial Flight Training FPT combines realistic system behavior, realtime flight instruments and FMC training at a low cost per training hour.

Ab-initio pilots can spend more hours in a realistic environment without increasing training costs.

The FBS is a logical transitional device between the FPT and the FFS. the Lockheed Martin Commercial Flight Training FBS is a complete simulator without motion, offering real cockpit training at an affordable hourly rate.

The FBS can be used to reduce the hours required on a FFS, thus effectively reducing total training cost. Certified as FNPT II / MCC, the FBS is a high-end platform that provides an excellent preparation to start a type rating.

Flexibility is key to our offered solutions
With the FFS we offer a wide range of options allowing us to tailor our simulators to exactly match customers’ specifications.

Our FBS and FPT offer product flexibility in key areas, such as aircraft hardware instead of simulated parts, level of certification required, and different visual system layouts.

And finally, with all our products our customers benefit from flexible financing options.

  • We offer a complete range of simulation products based on a common software core for flexible, tailorable training.

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  • Through a modular design, COTS products and a standardized product baseline, our devices have lower life cycle costs.

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  • We develop innovative solutions to help pilots train for safe, efficient operations and enable citizens to travel safely.

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  • Our global team is ready to share how our products and services can meet your training needs.

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