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Motion & Control loading system

High performance, safe, realistic and reliable
Lockheed Martin Commercial Flight Training sets a new industry standard with its Motion & Control Loading System. Lockheed Martin Commercial Flight Training chose an Electrical Pneumatic Motion system for its Flight Simulators because these systems are extremely safe, reliable and offer superb performance characteristics combined with the lowest possible power consumption. Pilots experience the sensory cues delivered by the system as realistic sensations of pitching, rolling and acceleration including flight vibrations in all directions. Forces acting on the flight controls are accurately replicated by electrical control loading actuators. 

Motion System
The Simulator Motion System software perfectly matches flight acceleration cueing with that of the actual aircraft by using a highly sophisticated motion cueing algorithm. The motion cueing algorithm provides onset acceleration cues with washout terms to bring the platform to the neutral position at a rate imperceptible to the crew while maximizing work space for the next motion cue. From a pilot seat position acceleration in the simulator is identical to the actual sensation experienced in the real aircraft. Lockheed Martin Commercial Flight Training adds advanced motion queuing algorithms to the motion software to create the highest fidelity full motion training. This increases the lateral motion performance which further enhances the training realism by increasing the reality of the motion cueing sensations in one engine inoperative scenarios or a visual go around. To increase motion realism Lockheed Martin Commercial Flight Training matches flight deck vibrations  by feeding the X, Y, Z buffer channels with vibrations calculated within the flight model and matching flight deck measurements taken at the pilot seat. 

Lockheed Martin Commercial Flight Training Electric Motion system hardware not only offers the highest level of performance in the industry, it is extremely reliable because there are no analogue components to drift and deteriorate. Modules are easily interchangeable resulting in minimal spare parts stock. Installation, use and maintenance are easy and reduce running costs. Lockheed Martin Commercial Flight Training smart integration of an accurate flight model with precise motion cueing software and a quality double frame connected to the electrical-pneumatic motion system ensures a robust, high fidelity Motion System.

Lockheed Martin Commercial Flight Training cleverly integrated Electrical Motion system resulting in the highest performing, most robust and realistic motion system in the industry. Featuring a comprehensive safety system the motion system is easy to install, use and maintain. The motion system is extremely rugged because there are no analogue components to drift or deteriorate. Extreme low power consumption adds to the overall cost-effectiveness of this superbly performing and realistic motion system.

Control Loading System
All of the genuine aircraft flight controls demanding active feedback are powered by Lockheed Martin Commercial Flight Training Control Loading Systems. The system is highly modular enabling Lockheed Martin Commercial Flight Training to integrate the software with the proper set of actuators for optimal control loading. The actuators offer the highest fidelity available.

Lockheed Martin Commercial Flight Training puts high-fidelity in the hands of training pilots by using original aircraft flight controls with active feedback powered by the excellent Control Loading Systems. Maintenance is simplified by the highly modular system.

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