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Maintenance and Service

Easy access, low maintenance and service reduce running cost
Lockheed Martin Commercial Flight Training smart design allows for easy access to all parts of the Full Flight Simulator including Motion & Control Loading System and the I/O controller cabinet. The Motion & Control Loading System is highly modular and modules are easily interchangeable resulting in minimal replacement time and spare parts stock. Installation, use and maintenance are easy and reduce running costs. Maintenance crews can quickly replace modules in the easily accessible I/O controller cabinet.

Minimal stock, 24/7 support and maintenance training
Lockheed Martin Commercial Flight Training utilizes original aircraft hardware components for most of the flight deck instrumentation and controls. Maintenance can use regular aircraft part stock when replacement is needed. Lockheed Martin Commercial Flight Training offers 24/7 support with online monitoring at customer request and holds all spares in stock for replacement. Lockheed Martin Commercial Flight Training also provides thorough training for operator maintenance staff.




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