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input output 01

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Input/output Controlling

Off-the-shelf, rugged, standardized and easily maintained
Lockheed Martin Commercial Flight Training I/O Control System is unique within the simulator industry. The core of the flight simulator is based on a PC control system housing the critical intelligence. Electrical signals from the PC control system are relayed rapidly and flawlessly to the simulator via the I/O control center.

The robust I/O systems keep Lockheed Martin Commercial Flight Training simulators running 24/7. Off-the-shelf modules are instantly available worldwide if replacement is needed.

Rather than opting for a proprietary system Lockheed Martin Commercial Flight Training integrates an Industrial Standard I/O Control System to keep the simulator running 24/7. These I/O Systems have a proven track record and are rugged and reliable. The I/O Control System consists of off-the-shelf modules which are instantly available worldwide in the unlikely event replacement is required.

With a minimal footprint the I/O controller cabinet sits at the rear of the simulator platform for easy maintenance accessibility. Modules are clearly labelled and hardware keyed to avoid mistakes during replacement. The standardized I/O hardware system is highly robust and guarantees long life with maximum uptime.

Lockheed Martin Commercial Flight Training integration of standardized I/O components greatly benefits maintenance. The hardware is keyed to avoid mistakes during replacement and the software coded according to the ARINC communication standard is clearly layered from standardized off-the-shelf hardware. Extensive diagnostics continuously monitor the overall system performance.

A PC control system holds all the critical intelligence and forms the brain of the flight simulator. It’s housed in two rack mounted server cabinets for easy maintenance and saves considerable space. A LCD monitor on the cabinet provides critical information about the actual status of the simulator. The PC control system can be remotely monitored or maintained via the internet. 

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