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As real as it gets

Fidelity stands at the center of Lockheed Martin Commercial Flight Training design philosophy. Not only should a simulator be the closest thing to reality where possible, it should be the real thing. Therefore Lockheed Martin Commercial Flight Training utilizes original aircraft hardware components for the majority of the critical flight deck instrumentation and controls. Lockheed Martin Commercial Flight Training reasoning is straight-forward. Airline pilots train on Full Flight Simulators to hone their flying skills to become second nature. Pilots must make quick decisions and accurate judgments under pressure and handle flight procedures in an orderly manner no matter what the circumstances are. This high level of proficiency can only be achieved in simulated training when the pilot no longer distinguishes simulation from the handling of the real aircraft. 

Lockheed Martin Commercial Flight Training uses genuine aircraft flight controls and instrumentation from manufacturers such as Boeing, Airbus, Honeywell and Smiths Aerospace to achieve the highest fidelity possible. It simply doesn’t get any more real than that. Lockheed Martin Commercial Flight Training takes its attention for authentic details to the extreme. Not a stone is left unturned. Even the rivets holding the flight deck floorboards are in the exact position as found on the real aircraft.

A Lockheed Martin Commercial Flight Training simulator acts and behaves in every aspect, and under all circumstances, as the original aircraft. Lockheed Martin Commercial Flight Training clever combination of the quality hardware with extremely accurate software and its minute attention to detail guarantees the highest fidelity you expect from a Full Flight Simulator.

The success of Lockheed Martin Commercial Flight Training Flight Simulators can be found in the sum of the details. Lockheed Martin Commercial Flight Training simply refuses to compromise when it comes to integration of the best components. Only the highest quality components from leading manufacturers are carefully chosen for their fidelity, reliability, performance and ease of maintenance. Clever integration with Lockheed Martin Commercial Flight Training Level D Certified ultra-realistic simulation models assures you the highest fidelity commercial airline Full Flight Simulator.

Every conceivable emergency scenario ranging from hydraulic failures, decompression, severe storms, oncoming traffic or engine fires on Lockheed Martin Commercial Flight Training Flight Simulators is simulated to the highest degree of realism. Pilots experience realistic sensations, including extensive sound and motion cueing, which is as close to the actual aircraft behaviour as possible. Forces on the flight controls are accurately replicated. Smoke generators can be added to the simulator on customer request. Lockheed Martin Commercial Flight Training understands the importance of training to improve flight safety and does not allow any aspect of the emergency training scenarios in the Flight Simulator to be compromised.  

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